Two terminals only one cash drawer works at a time

I just added a second terminal to my setup. It has everything as the first; receipt printer, cash drawer, touch screen. It shares the networked kitchen printer. I added a second terminal in the list. Added the second receipt printer. Used the terminal filter, in printer templates, to make each print at each respective terminal. Then did the same for the cash drawers. The printers work fine each at it’s own respective terminal but the cash drawers do not. Only one works then if I mess about I can get the other to work but it makes the first stop working.

Thanks for the help.

Can you show screenshots of how you are opening the cash drawer? Have you got the cash drawer setup as a separate printer in SambaPOS?

I had a similar problem and what I was doing was putting the printer path in to the “Printer Share Name/ Port Name” rather than just the name of the printer to that terminal.

If they are linked up via a database, make sure the printer names are the same in both terminals.

Printers are local to the terminals and shouldn’t be networked, apart from the kitchen printer.


is your cash draw code in a template by itself with nothing else in it? or is it part of another printer template.

Also, this is what I check to find where the issue is.

  1. is the cash draw connected to printer or to terminal?
  2. if its connected to printer, then make sure when installing driver for printer, they have to be exactly named the same. So that in samba printer section, you put the same name.

whether printers are local or networked, as long as they have the same name, the print job should fire normally, and if cash draw is connected to printer and code of cash draw is correct, it should open it.

would need to see your printer and printer template setup.

When you say you can get one to work but makes the other stop working this sugests to me your changing the printer name with the printers named something like printer 1 and printer 2.
If this is the case just set printer name to something like receipt printer on all terminals and choose that.
Printer name is a global setting if they are using the same rule/actions so need to both be looking at the same printer name. Samba just looks at the printer name not where it is.


Thanks everyone. That makes sense. I’ll try naming them the same and see if that works. I was thinking they had to be named different because they are linked to the same database but if they are talking locally then it could be the same.
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Yer, samba only looks at printer name and Windows resolves the location.