Two tills require two different warehouses

Hi Guys & Girls,

I have looked up and down this forum and haven’t found anyone who requires this system. I basically have two tills that require separate warehouses to deduct stock from. I know you can set departments which you can select different warehouses. However I couldn’t figure out how to assign the department to the terminal.

I hope this makes sense.


Ticket type maybe? Dont use inventory so not a pro on related aspects.

There really is no “mapping” for a Terminal to a Department or Warehouse.

The way it would work however is something like this:

Terminal > Department > Ticket Type > (optional Mapped Menu) > Menu Item > Product > Recipe > Inventory Item > Warehouse (as configured by the Department)

Even without using a Menu Mapping that sequence should still be the same. The Product that you sell has a Recipe that contains Inventory Items that belong to a certain Warehouse which is assigned to the Department.

I’ve just tried this however the departments are set on the user roles. So every time a user logs onto the system they are always prompted with the default department which is a pain.

Since all members of staff hot swap from till to till it is impossible to create a role for one till then another because then they would have to have two log on details, right?


You can use Update Order action to change warehouse per order line. So you can create separate “Order Added” rules per warehouse and map them to related terminals.

Here I have a tutorial. Not completely related but it should give the idea about having custom warehouse mappings.

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