Two touchscreens connected with one computer

Hello, I have in my restaurant sambapos version 4, the touch screen is located in the front counter, the system works properly and I would like to install an additional touchscreen for the waiters that works at the same time with the other monitor, this will be close to the counter, a VGA cable its enough, but I would like to use the pc, same database, do you have a tutorial that explains step by step this process? I have basic knowledge in systems, thank you!

You would probably be better just setting up another PC and connecting them to the same database then you would have two terminals working independently from the same database

You want to have two touch screens connected to the same computer?
Not really going to work as pretty sure you cannot run two instances of samba software at the same time.
Just use SQL Express and two PCs like Rick said, that is how you should do it

Yes, and just buy a Mini PC for the second monitor, cost around £130 GBP (~$170 USD) for a decent one with Intel Celeron CPU, or cheaper for Intel Atom. The mini PC can be mounted to the rear of the monitor using the VESA mountings.