Uber Eats Integration

We discuss about the Uber Eats Integration. What do you think about that? Should we integrate with them? Are the SambaPOS users happy with Uber Eats?


Here in AUS we have almost all our clients on UberEats. One of thr biggest complains I hear from restaurant staff is that they have multiple tablets to worry about. Some of our clients run 2 or 3 stores off UberEATS

To have ubereat, justeat and gloria food to print on sambapos pos would be god sent. I have 3 tablets in shop for Online ordering, we got used to it but would be great if we could have them all printing on sambapos, would life lot more simpler

You still need the GloriaFood tablet no matter what. The GF team said that they’re NOT looking into confirming incoming orders via other methods.

I agree that would simplify things. As @rightguys just said with Gloriafood you will need the tablet to accept orders we have no power over that and they are reluctant to change that. You can print through sambapos though once an order is accepted we do have an integration for GF.

Yes I thought that would be the case with all ordering platforms as we will need to confirm orders. But to have it included in your eod report, same format printout and can be seen on screen when customers ring. Its more of a want then need really.

Surely it would be nice. Unfortunately we do not have Uber Eats available in Azerbaijan, but for others it would be a nice feature considering their scale. Wolt and Bolt Food are actively are being used in Azerbaijan and other European countries too.