Uber integration with sambapos?

Hi all.

can’t seem to find anything on this in the forum.

is it possible to integrate Uber eats with sambapos? so for instance if a order is received through uber eats it is automatically displayed on samba pos etc ?

thank you

There is defiantly a potability however it would depend on what type of integration options they offer at their end.
A basic integration which you can do yourself would require an API at their end which you could use to routinely check for new orders. This provided they have an API would not usually require any development by samba themselves or uber eats.
A more advanced ‘push’ type integration where uber would push the order to samba would generally require developer work although not 100% of the time if your very techy yourself.
HOWEVER I couldnt see any mention of API on their website, although doesn’t mean they dont have one. This is something you will need to find out as if they dont or wont let you use your dead in the water really for an integration other than some sort of crazy hacky email parser or something like that which wouldn’t be recommended.

Do you have any information about integration process ?

I googled and find Uber developer forum. And they said :there is no public UberEATS API at 18 Feb


But they dont have any public API for integration.

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They gave that API some big customers like McDonalds.



I think this is what you are looking for Vehbi. Unless we can somehow get uber eats, door dash, and post mates to allow us access to their api, I think this may be our next best option. You get all your orders coming into a single api integration.

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This, Deliverect and Orderlord are becoming must-haves in the takeaway/fast food and delivery sector. A lot of POS systems are now integrating to these middleware platforms. It’s a bit surprising that SambaPOS is not interfacing to any of them, as far as I can see.

It’s never that simple. We are working to integrate. We will find the right partner.