UK Hospitality Track and Trace

Anyone looking for a simple track and trace system let me know.
To start with a simple register form with intentions of opening up to an intergration where you can email the guest their bill rather than printing.

Let me knkw if interested.

Screenshot is only first draft, refinements to come as guidelines on required information and retention are published.

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Good idea.

What does the * exception say at the bottom, you cropped it off.

Also, “coronavirus” is one word.

So data needs to be retained only 14 days? Was thinking about how to manage this for restaurants, so given it has to be deleted after 14 days, its not a case of just adding them as a customer on SambaPOS…

Are you thinking to include a means to also collect info within this for marketing, get newsletter signup etc? Or do the guidelines prohibit doing that? (haven’t read them…)

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Its 21 days I read since first putting form together.
What I read didnt mention retention beyond keeping for 21 days.
Automatically deleting came from things said about privacy and the track trace app and gdpr about keeping data only as long as necessary.

The bit under was just clarifying that its automatically deleted except for lead guest name and email IF they opt in to newsletter.
As the system is based on wordpress extending to include marketing opins for most main service would be easy and even if not directly available through plugin most have a simple poster api to submit new subscribers.

I intend to offer optin to marketing for the hotel group system i origionally put this together but thinking about potentially rolling it out as a service to others.

My thoughts is this site which isn’t users/registered but form submissions.
Confirmation page gives a visit number which guest will give waitress.
When shown to table they will be asked to submit details on this site and provide the server with their visit number.
This can be entered in samba and tagged to their ticket.
Via this number samba can pig the site with the ticket json from graph, website rendered pdf receipt and emails guest a copy.

Have thought for regulars of optin to save a cookie which next visit they just go to the site and given presence of the cookie will just offer a 'check in button to resubmit their details for a new visit number so that the records represent individual visits for full and complete records.

Is it necessary to track where they sit also, or just fact they were there?

Thinking about being able to query based on if you received an information request, what would they ask for?

“Visitor X has tested positive, please supply all visitors who were within 2m of guest for more than 15 minutes for the duration of their visit on X date” ?

I mean also, if they request info, is it going to be all visitors that were there that day, or visitors who were there after that guest, or only as above? Does it go into this detail?

Urm, predictably no, all I heared in boris speech was hospitality to be unlocked on 4th and to take customer details.
And saw a gov document about taking details and keeping for 21 days.

as said not sure if we need each and every person or just for the group/table.

Since there is scope for link with samba incorporating function to log table is easy enough. If nothing else via the visit number but samba can soo ping site with table number when entering visit number.
Or had thought about customer putting table number in if tables are numbered and samba calling entries by table number, either way.

would like to also add a rough depart time maybe, samba ping site when ticket closed and site update a field for leave/payment time.
Couldn’t rely on guest checking out obviously and since its table service only expect 90+% will be running a ticket untill they pay and leave anyway.

just more presure to get that pdf rendering of receipt sorted i showed you lol. A basic setup to begin with should be OK.