UK Postcode Lookup

Hi Everyone, I was trying to implement the UK Postcode lookup by following the instructions to use google API. I have applied google MAP API, and got confirmation of TASK COMPLETED. The address area now got more fields which indicates that it has taken the configurations. However, it is not giving the result when I enter the postcode. Is there any extra configuration I am missing? or do I have to activate the Samba license before implementing this feature?

There was changes to google maps api requiring paid account i beleive, thin so many are still free but need account with payment option i think.

Hi JTRTech, I did use an account with a credit card but still not showing up.

I think there was also changes needing to the script, the config task if thats what you used was made several years ago, it was discussed on forum with amendments needed im sure.

Config task no longer works “out of the box”.

There was changes made to Google Maps API a few years ago that broke it - particularly that you must have your own API key and connection must be over HTTPS.

I have a fix for it, full details are posted here:

I also posted the exact script I use now in response to someone else having issues:

Use the config task to do initial setup them modify the script as in those topics.

The Config Task for this was fixed it should be working. Be sure you update tasks to get the latest version. When you run the task it should ask you to enter your API key.

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I can confirm the configuration task works just fine. I just tested it on a fresh database and my own google api key. It worked.