Unable to Close Settle Ticket

Another issue :frowning: Unable to close the ticket… Some tickets does not show states and are unable to close… when i press settle it is 0 value left as of course it is paid … even if i unlock the ticket i am unable to close it… Need help and suggestions please…!


Unable to close in the the close button doesn’t work?

By default ticket changes state to paid after closing if the remaining amount is <= 0.

You must have modified ticket closing rule or one of the other relevant rules.

Please show screen shots of the rule

Its weird… i have traced the issue but need your help to correct it… when i add the product and close the ticket after selecting customer its all good and follow the kitchen screen… see video 1

but when i try to cancel the product and add something else and close its not considering the ticket submitted… not sure why… see video 2 for detail flow (flaw :slight_smile: ) and this only is happening in delivery department …


You have several automations. Any of those could be interfering.

Are you hiding Order states using display format? In your paid ticket it shows no order states? Did you insert automation to clear order states? If so that is your problem.

Many people do not understand the importance of States and they start messing with them and mess up the entire flow of the system. If you did any custom states or edited any of the default states in the rules please tell us so we can figure out what you did. Remember we are helping you blind… we only know what you tell us or show us.

Hi @Jesse i am not hiding any order state. it is the same settings i have for pickup type but no issues there. all working fine… I know i am trying too many things all at once and messed up something for sure… i am attaching the rules. if you can have a look, that will be great… not sure if something is here causing issue… i can PM you my data base as well if you have some time to look at it.

All i have is different new order adding rules for ticket type. for Delivery Type its as per the following

for ticket and pick up ticket its generic

and here is what i did for new ticket rules

the following will go to kitchen pick up screen

and closing rule

settle rule

Thanks always for your help!