Unable to close ticket

I had a terminal crash while a ticket was being settled and now I am unable to settle that ticket or close my work period, due to that ticket being open. Here is a screenshot:

Please help. I need to close and open a new work period.

I can unlock the ticket but it doesn’t display the items or allow me to go to the settle screen.

Holy ticket note Batman!

I don’t know if there’s an issue with the Settle/Close buttons states configuration why they’re not showing or the ticket note is somehow pushing them down.

But try and add an additional mapping to the settle automation command button so it looks like this and you should be able to enter settle screen:

That did get me to the settle screen! Thank you!
But… I still can’t close the ticket because it say’s I have a zero priced order:

Any advice for this?

To close it for now, change the ticket type properties to allow zero-priced items. Then if you don’t foresee having zero-priced items in the future, you can change it back.


That’s great!
Thanks for all your help.
Have a good one!

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Hi there. I have a similar issue but I can’t even get out off this screen. And I’m the Administrator.

You’ll need to kill the task from within task manager.

There were two issues discussed in this thread:

which one are you experiencing>