Unable to connect using RDP

Hello There,

I´ve been using SambaPos for a while now.

I upgraded to lastest version and did all the changes to be able to connect messaging server.
Everything was fine showing connected and everything. The server machine works fine.
However it always shows Working on Trial Mode, even when i login on samba market to reset keys.
Purchased my license for V5 back on 2015.

But my big problem is that I am unable to connect 3 ipads to the server machine using RDP, other 2 computers are able to connect to the server using RDP with the SAME settings so i know they are correct.

It is really weird and dont know how to solve it.

They are connected to the same network and same settings.

No error message on the ipads it just keeps spinning trying to connect.

Please help!!

do you have an rdp licence? by default you can only run one rdp session but that usually overides the previous session.
can you ping the server from the device?
just to be clear RDP is not a feature of samba so you will only get advice/reconmendations from those who have done similar

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I have installed the patch.
I´ve been able to run several RDP before the upgrade without problem.
Been using SambaPOS since 2015

The patch is a crack and forum/samba does not endorse or encourage its use.
That said people do use it and thats their choise however issue like yours are the potential price.
If the other devices are not connected does it still fail?

Yes they still unable to connect

RDP connections have absolutely nothing to do with the SambaPOS Messaging Service, nor SambaPOS Application nor any version of it. Upgrading SambaPOS will have nothing to do with RDP whatsoever.

RDP is tied solely to the Windows Operating System and any connecting RDP Client Software.

Check your Firewall Rules that pertain to RDP (ie. probably port 3389), and check any OS Updates that have occurred recently - it might be that MS patched the hack.