Unable to create a sales report using sql 2014 server script

Thanks for great work.
I am generating a sales report by executing an sql script against SQL server 2014.
One issue i am facing is not able to get correct sales report,
how can i detect the correct sales data once

  • item is sold?
  • item is voided?
  • item is cancelled?
  • which database table stores what - where is sold item recorded or voided/cancelled item recorded
    I am using the Ticket Table and Orders table is there any other table i need to include?
    How can I tell with surety that an item is NOW sold and money is received?
    Could I can share the sql script i am currently using?
    You help is highly appreciated.

Have a look at this, might get you started

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Hello Linda,

Thanks for the input.

I will implement your advice

One more issue - how could i generate a inventory report -

We wish to have an inventory report showing

Inventory balance (Opening stock) | Inventory purchased | Inventory Sold | Current Inventory balance

in details - get the balance of soda by taking the balance as per yesterday evening - Inventory balance

Add purchases then less what we sold today the balance is the Days CLOSING Stock

You help will be appreciated.


Hello several things that user said were false. I have flagged them and will watch but I’m not sure why they user is posting false info.