Unable to create account


Using the above tutorial, I’ve now done it three times incase Ive missed something.

I then tried to create a customer account, which I was able to do. So I modified the customer accounts so that it would work with the above tutorial but for samba card but again its greyed out.

Ive gone through everything, including permissions but I just cant see whats going on.

Is the above tutorial still applicable tho V5?



Oh oh! ok when i close samba and reopen it it works…

So I tested by putting £10 on it - perfect

Then i make a sale of £1

I go back into the account and the card is now saying £11 credit? Am i missing a “-” somewhere?



Ive just gone through the tutorial 2 more times… I’m up to 40 quid in credit… lol

on a serious note, my gift certificate set up had a receivables and a redemptions?


This is the default behavior.

The Account will become “more positive” when you use the Account to Settle a Ticket. That is, the Account Balance will increase. This means the Account is in arrears and is overdrawn.

When you make a payment toward the Account (ie. Add Credit), then the Account will become “more negative”. That is, the Account Balance will decrease. If you add enough Credit to the Account, the Balance will even appear negative, meaning there are unused funds available to the Account.

It depends on how you set up the Transaction Types and Documents for Adding Credit to the Account. Chances are, you have the Source and Target backwards in the Tx Type or the Tx Doc, or both.

ok, ill have a bit more of a gander to check it out.