Unable to Delete Account Transaction Documents


When I try to Delete any Account Transaction Documents, I get the following error:

I want to be able to delete some tickets from here, please advise as to how I can do so?



You cant just delete random tickets and it isnt a simple as clicking and deleting as the tickets a linked to other database tables as you can see from that error message

Id be surprised if any pos let you delete random tickets as potentially opens you up to fraud

Why do you want to delete random tickets?

I want to do it because some times I make an error on tickets and would like to delete them completely not void or cancel them.

Deleting a ticket is Voiding it. You can’t make it completely disappear as if it not submitted before. This also considered as illegal in taxing terms for some countries. Skipping ticket id’s is something questioned.

However if you mean to delete all tickets you’ve created during setup you can use “Clear Database Transactions” function in Database Tools module.

Then the “Delete Account transaction Document” should not be an option on that page.

You can delete some under the right circumstances so yes it should be there. But there are safeguards so you don’t wreck your data or accidentally violate laws.