Unable to find Custom Reports in V5



As per the info I have gathered, the Custom Reports module should have been preinstalled in V5

But, I am unable to locate it under Reports.

How do I use the Custom Reports Module in V5?




Ive changed this to a question as this isnt an issue and the reports work fine

You should find the reports section in manage>reports and from their you can create your own reports

Youll need to search the forum for how to create reports


Some Reports are already included in V5 as well. If you are not seeing anything in the Report Explorer, you can run the maintenance task to create the default Reports, like the Workperiod Report, etc, and they will then appear in the Report Explorer …

Manage > Settings > Program Settings > Maintenance > Create default Reports


Thanks for the quick help guys! I am totally loving SambaPOS, and it is great being a part of such a vibrant, and responsive community.


I am having the same problem.

I have the latest version of SambaPos installed, but the is no option for Custom Report in the Reports screen.

I have done the create default reports as above, but still no custom report option.



That is custom reports. Just create a new one or modify those. It’s under manage then reports


Thanks very much, was trying to find it under reports instead of manage.