Unable to get round of value in printed bill

Hi Emre,
I am new to SambaPOS, dont have any software knowledge following problems is am facing

  1. I want to print bill with round off value
    for example if bill is $ 9.79, bill print $10.00
  2. Can I include staff payroll system ?


Create two Calculation Types.

First one will round ticket value to upper nearest value. You can update Rate or Amount value to define rounding value. For example if you don’t want decimals at all you can enter 1 there.

Create another one for decreasing to nearest value.

I’ve entered a minus char to the end of calculation name to visually understand that decreases value.

Finally I’ll create a calculation selector and add both calculations. Since I left Button Header value empty this calculation will work automatically.

The result is $6.99 balance automatically becomes $7.00

We currently don’t have staff payroll system but we have it in our to do list.