Unable to Print Copy in Settle Bill

im having an issue now where i can print the ticket for the kitchen and i can print a copy of the bill for the customer by pressing the Print Bill Button but when i press settle to choose which payment option and print it wont print

You need to add a new payment processed rule, with custom constraint { TICKET TOTAL } equals zero

Then add your print job action to this rule

Now after all payments are made and the balance of the ticket is zero it will print the receipt

That ^ Rule Constraint should be:

Remaining Amount Equals 0

… because {TICKET TOTAL} should never be zero if there are Order on the Ticket.

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Lol i thought it should be that, dunno why i thought ticket total lol

ok thanks i will try that

You need to add a new payment processed rule, with custom constraint do I add that to the print bill value or create a new one this is my first time so I’m so lost at the moment when trying to add this stuff

Ok I got it but now when it comes time to settle the bill and put a tip in it not allowing me to add a tip the option is greyed out

Do you need to unlock the ticket to make amendments??

Yes, you need to Unlock the Ticket. There should be a button on the POS/Ticket Screen that will Unlock Ticket.

Or, you can prevent the Ticket Locking altogether if you modify the Print Bill Rule. By default, when the Bill is Printed, the Ticket is Locked. You can remove or Constrain (preferred) the Lock Ticket Action. I do this on all my systems, because I do not like this behavior.