Unable to Settle Amount

Hello Friends,

I just upgrade v3.0 to v5.0 of sambapos.

When i am select any table and make a order, after i press Settle button, it goes to table screen, i am unable to settle my bill also all table are not release. After second time i click on those table, application hangs up and close.

I have checked my configuration for currency and payment. all are configured.

Please Suggest me to resolve this issue.

Thats a big jump, guessing you upgraded to v4 latest first then up to v5?

Allot have changed since v3 and while posible it is usually reconmended wherever posible to start a fresh database.

Also guessing your generalising with the .0 on the V numbers?

Go to settings > program settings > maintenance and run the maintenance tasks to fix old rules and rthe various other things.

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