Unidentified network - wired through switch


Server is the one with WiFi. Sorry my arty skillz missed that


Our next option… which likely will be best is to trail 400m of cat5 and wire them all up individually direct to the router which I think we will be doing Thursday night


Pretty sure 400m exceeds the max length for a single run for cat5…

So there is no DHCP on the epos network?
You need to set manual IPs and use the server IP in the connection string or add the server hostname and static IP to your host file.

Although if im understanding the server is wifi only at the minute?

If thats the case hows the switch linked to the wifi the server is connected to?

Like this?


The switch isn’t connected to the router or wifi. It is merely just to connect the pos together. Only the server connects to wifi and the other tills connect wired.


You need to uplink to router. Router will give out IP address for local network. Switch doesn’t have DHCP server.

If you want them to work on it own use Router instead of Switch.


what i can get out your pic is that you use a router to get a working internet connection with the server computer if you can, try connecting the router to the switch directly and if you dont want other pc to have internet just block their mac adress(havent tried this but in theory it should work)

with some routers you can assign ip adresses to specific devices you could use this instead of manually changing the ip adress in windows(again did not try this myself but it should work in theory)


Server connects to wifi. Which wifi? Is there a wireless modem or router in the vicinity?

Firstly i would highly suggest wire the server to a router or switch. Having the server connected via wifi can be quite unstable at times due to wifi nature.

Secondly attach a wire from the switch to the router or modem your server is connected to.

Thirdly assign manual ip addresses just like i showed before. Then check ping again and check ip again.

When you use auto config, the device tries request an ip address from dhcp pool located on a router/modem. And if dhcp is not on, or not working, or has a limit ip pool range, or cannot assign an ip to a device, the device will gice a 169.x.x.x address.

Try this and see how you go


Sorry to contradict others but you do not need a router to make this work.
If the last pic is right then obviously there is issue as there is no link between you wireless the server connects to and the wired lan of the switch.
The recommendation would be wired all the time.
It wouldn’t need to all be wired to the Internet/router.
From your previous comment you might have an issue with distance for a single run of cat5.
What is the distance from each machine to the switch?


I think I have 3 options.

  1. wire them all to the router (the 400m was the 3 tills worth of wire not the direct length)

  2. use a spare netgear router as a dchp server ( I have this already setup in my house which is now unused since moving away from bt)

  3. wire 2 of the pcs directly together via ethernet and connect the unimportant one via wifi


Do it right and wore them all.


If there is a switch and static ip is assigned and it isnt working then the error is either in thr configuration or switch itself (unlikely). It is true that you do not need a router to make it work but the suggestion was based on the assumption that he may have already tried only switch with static ip.

And also are you sure the distance is 400m? Thats very far and wide! Unless your talking about 400sqm (square meters) i would think depending on how big the restaurant is or how many stories it is, the longest would be about 50m. Max 70-90m in length. That includes routing the cable all along the wall (all through the wall would be shorter)

At the least you should have the server wired up and the next most used terminal unless thats a wireless terminal.

I recommended a router because i thought he was also using wireless terminals


400m of wire in total, between 3 terminals


yeah thats what im edging to, i think i will


Hey Guys, I am running 3 terminal plus server should I use a router or a switch, my server is 4GB RAM i3- 7100, 3.90GHZ or should I upgrade my sever, the terminals are all in one( 4GB RAM too)


Don’t quite understand the question?
Router is an abigious word. Typically it means a modem/gateway. Generally they have multiple ports like a switch.
The only difference generally is having the Internet modem/management for DHCP etc .
However without disabling at least DHCP there should generally only be one router/modem on the network.
Switche’s are more simple, generally non Enterprise level are unmanaged, and can be though of a splitters/extensions to connect more devices.
If you only have a basic modem you could get respectable gigabit switch, connect all terminals/server to the switch and also the modem/router.


Sorry for the ambiguity, Am using Ethernet cables on a local Area network and so I want to connect the terminals to the server, I also have 4 printers to be connected through the LAN ethernet cables, My concerns is whether a router will perform better the than a switch, I know that one can use both router and switch to extend the ports. but if I just want to use a switch only, Will the system lag(Hang) , Switches


A router is a type of switch. Routers have additional management and usually are combined with your modem.
You would be hard pushed to find a non Enterprise level router/modem with that many ports anyway.
What I would reconment is a decent 8 port gigabit switch, quite like the metal cased netgears. Which you can get on eBay for reasonable price.
Have your router/modem in the office and have one cable into the switch then from the switch go to your terminals and printers.

A decent switch should bypass the router once everything is up and running based on Mac addresses etc.

You could run it as a offline network if you really wanted just using a switch but without a router/modem with DHCP server you would need to set static IP addresses all round .

You could do static addresses anyway.

A good s itch will be better than a router/modem. Less to go wrong and less complex.
The hotel has 2 x 24 port gigabit hp procurve switches which everything is connected via with a uplink to the router/modem.
The tills are also on static IPS so in theory so long as server and switch are up the tills still work.
The router/modem can be removed for maintenance or upgrade without effecting tills.


Thanks @JTRech for sharing, now get it