Unique Order Number - Apply Search

Hello. I am trying to implement a dry cleaners scenario on samba v5.
What I am trying to create is produce a unique number every time a product is added on ticket (later print it as barcode or as a plain number) and be able to search for it somehow. is that possible? I an obviously use somehow an order tag for it but I am not sure If I can apply a search function for it from samba. Any ideas on how it can be applied?
to be more specific…as I can search for a ticket No in Tickets and show me the ticket I would like to put there an order number and show me the ticket that is in.

What if you have multiple items on a single ticket… do you want multiple unique numbers? Or just a way to search for the single ticket by typing unique number?

multiple items = multiple unique numbers.

search for a ticket using the unique number on the items ordered
yes there is an order id i know…but can I search for a ticket though samba? or just apply an sql query from somewhere else?

So why do you need multiple Unique Numbers if you just want to pull up the ticket? We can do what you want… problem is figuring out what you want… its not very clear.

ok i ill describe the scenario as briefly as I can. a customer brings one jacket for cleaning, I i dont know trouser for ironing and I t-shirt for some repairing. cleaning and repairing will be “scanned” (bardcode or unique id assigned) and go to the factory. ironing will stay in shop. if one of the items that will go to factory and come back is lost be able to track it through that number. find ticket hence customer through that number. and when those items will be returned will be again scanned and appear that are in the shop. their status changes through order state that I have applied. is the tracking part i m still working on.

Ok well your attempting something SambaPOS was not meant for. You can totally do this and it sounds very cool I encourage it and its what makes SambaPOS so awesome, but since its not something we are familiar with you will need to help us understand your flow or it will be very hard for us to help you.

Are you keeping tickets open or are you closing them?

I am keeping everything open. Until an item is ready for collection. Then just move it and settle it.

I think it will be easier to just apply an order tag on each order item and then just do another app to apply an sql query to return results and basically search for the ticket number and or customer name simultaneously.
Then the user can easily find the ticket in samba.

I can apply a custom order tag the moment I press the button for an item right? just open a textfield to scan a barcode or just put a number in it?

States might be a good option, they offer allot of power for customisation.
They are often a little bewildering at first but once you understand how state flow for tickets and orders can be utilised.
I’d reconmend v5 for its scripting abilities.
You could most likely setup some custom prompt from to scan a barcode and lookup that orders ticket.
Given your example above maybe setting up a good ticket log you an create a log to show history for log like sent to factory, returned and collected etc.

A good entity and state flow could result in a good system.


Please, is there a way to pull up a ticket using the order number? …especially if there are different orders on a ticket, each with its unique order number.

Is there a way to use the unique order number to pull up the ticket?

No you must pull up ticket with Ticket ID or TIcket Number