Units Unit Name issue at Inventory Item - Additional

There seems to be a problem writing the Unit Name in Additional Units for any Inventory Item. After I write the text the field goes blank.

I have tried pressing Enter, Tab and clicking to the next field with the mouse. It goes to Blank several times. If I get lucky and the text stays in the field as I wrote it, it is then almost impossible to change it (If I made a mistake) because it goes to the previous text as I move to another field.

I have seen similar behavior. Narrowed it down to the fact that when I had defined a Transaction Unit, then tried to blank it out and set that multiplier to 0, it would not let me add Additional Unit of the same name. Had to save the Item, then open it back up again before I could add the Additional Unit and use that name.

The same would probably be true when trying to rename or reorganize any Additional Units. It appears to “cache” the names so it won’t let you change them if the Unit already exists. So you need to delete the Unit, save, re-open and then edit or add other Units.

The gist of it is that SambaPOS is attempting to prevent duplicate Unit Names.

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I believe this is a bug. Can you please help us @emre? Is this the correct way to report a bug?

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