Unmatched orders

Well sell barbecue in our restaurant,our customers are very specific when placing the orders.Some time we receive guest who place the order that are not captured in our menu.For example we portion our lamb meat in (1kg,0.5kg ,0r 0.25kg),so guest demand full lamb leg.The lamb leg may weigh like 1.487kg.
The problem now is how to capture the extra grams in our menu,please let me know how i can refine my menu so that i can sell the extra 0.487kg without hurting my inventory and disappointing my guest and without altering my portions (1kg,0.5kg ,0r 0.25kg)

Create a gram order and add qty to suite?
There is scale option in samba so presumeably you can do something with weight.

if i create a gram order like you illustrate how will i sell 1487 grms.i presume you want me to punch in (1487x Lamb meat) on the menu,this will appear messed up,i want to go with portion then i should have option to increase the missing grams.i think there is a way this can be achieved with order tags

So you’ll still have 487x something.
Or you make more finer portions like .1, .05 and use multiples to get close as you can.

Hmm if you setup inventory with just base and added additional portion sizes at bottom… maybe you can add another inventory portion and apply it to a new product portion?

I only recently exploring inventory so i do apologize if its wrong but just been fiddling around and i dont see why that wouldnt work. Hmm