Unpaid items in report

How can i remove or recall the item to cover payment for item (s )?

Are you not closing work period?
By default a work period cannot be closed with a ticket left open (unpaid).
You are either not closing your work period and just printing the work period report or have setup ticket(s) to allow preorder [preorder overrides the need to close that ticket type before ending work period].

As for recalling the open ticket the default setup would be that a ticket would have to be assigned to an entity (customer or table) for you to be able to close the ticket, ticket tag can be used to allow closing the ticket without an entity so if you have used ticket tags somewhere and not setup a way to recall them (and one has been closed without a table or customer entity) you will need to use the ticket lister in the nav screen (top right on the blue menu when you login as admin) which by defult will show open ticket for today, if you have not been closing your work period or have preorder selected it may be from previous day so you will need to extend the date range at the top and refresh.