Unregistered Trial after Purchase and Activate

I have purchased V5, installed and activated it as instructed, but the Unregistered Trail is still appearing at the top on Left side. I also restarted several times, but nothing I do seem to remove this.

Can anyone help?


1.Go to
3. Top right, click “My Products”
4. If your license has been successfully purchased and showing on that "My Products"page, Click I’ve Changed my Databse, Clear License Keys.
Once it’s cleared
5. Restart Samba
6. Go to Samba market
7. Login at top right corner.
8. Insert Login information
9. If successfully logged in, click Activate on the License module. It should then apply it and should work after that


That happens when you move databases for any reason. Is this the first time you’re trying to activate or did it just suddenly happen after changing some configurations? Either way Shivans solution will fix your problem. It’s wored for us every time and only take a minute to fix.

This fixed the problem.

I had Samba v4 installed on my PC while I was tested it out.

Now I have both version installed. Is there any issues with having both for the time being?

There’s no problem having both.

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