Unregistered Trial - again

My Cash tablet hung up on me and upon reboot, my Sambapos5Pro became unregistered. Attempts to clear keys have been successful, but I’m still unable to activate my copy. In the process my server laptop also became unregistered and it too refuses to activate.
I’ve followed:

but still no love. Am I missing something here?

First lead… internet. Being in China it would appear that a vpn is necessary for this step. I’ve had success on the cash tablet. Will I have similar success on the server? Stay tuned.

Spoke too soon. both devices are still refusing to re-register.

On the server when I attempt to login with my username the ACTIVATE button greys out and I’m stuck with an unregistered device.

Success getting the server Activated and the Cash tablet followed suit.

The original issue appeared to be a Windows 10 stopped unexpectedly that caused the cash tablet to de-register.
Chinese internet seemed to complicate the re-activation process. I’m wondering if it might just be easier to system restore or reimage the drive given the annoyance this causes.


Reinstall or system image wont affect the Internet. It also wouldn’t have any impact with license. If Internet was the issue which it sounds like it was then you should keep that in mind.

yes, i agree that it wouldn’t affect the underlying internet issue, but it should restore the activated state of sambapos, shouldn’t it?

The licence as far as i understand is in the database so you shouldn’t be having individual devices showing as unlicenced provided everything installed correctly - ie licence module on each machine.
Image of a client machine would provided it was setup correctly have no effect since licence is in db which would be on server/main machine.
If the licence registers for whatever reason it should drop on all terminals connected to that db.
Reactivating should be as simple as clearing key in samba cp site then login in sambapos and reactivating.
I know china has some pretty strict internet filtering which may be part of your dificulties reactivating given your claim to needing to use a vpn to reactivate.

Thanks. That’s helpful.
Our internet at the cafe is particularly bad and that does seem to affect our ability to activate.

am having this exact issue now…admin pls look into it

What problem? Your internet is bad?