Untag Order that has been manipulated with Update Order Tag Price action

Has anyone ran into this issue before? I created an Update Order Tag Price action to update order tag price if 2 tags are selected. Example: Cheese I want to offer first slice free but if they choose second cheese it is .50 extra. I used Order Tagged event and Update Order Tag Price action for it.

I used constraints for TAG Name and Tag Quantity… It works GREAT! But it will not let you remove the order tags…

You can remove the unpriced tag but not the priced tag and then if you remove the unpriced and add another it makes it extra price as well. I understand why it does that, but shouldnt it let you remove the tags?

@vehbi any idea on this?

I have a similar setup, I offer the first topping (Order Tag) free with the Order Tagged event and update order tag price and it allows me to remove any tag, even if is the zero priced tag.


Strange it won’t let me. It’s almost a default setup in fact the only config I did was menu and this action /rule.

I will play around and see if I can spot a culpret.

Could it be that at least 1 Order Tag is required?

I tried that. The odd thing is it lets me remove the non priced Tag then if I press the priced one it removed the price then it lets me remove it. But it shouldn’t work that way

Still controlling this issue.

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Jesse, I like your setup. How did you made the display format of the order tag line display 2 different colors? The CHEESES: is blue while American is yellow, I’ve only been able to make the entire line the same color.

Thanks, I should have explained better that I thought Jesse was able to make the Prefix a different color from the rest of the order tag line. I just realized that he didn’t select any prefix in the GIF and the CHEESES: part is hard coded in.