Update account with percentage payout on bill

Hi All,
Need a help here , with V5. We have installed Sambapos V5 on a clients system. There is a query from the client as below :
There are multiple vendors who take orders from the client and deliver to customers ( like uber eats , Zomato etc ) . In turn they charge x% on the total bill.

For example : Company X charges 5% for delivery of food bill. Hence , if the total bill 100$ , Company X will refund 95% of the amount and deduct 5%.
To keep accounts updated ,how do we configure this –
Bill amount – 100$
Company X - recieved from Bill - 5
Amount recieved by me : 95

The customer still sees the Bill amount as 100.

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Perhaps treat it like tax to its own account and create a payout flow for that account…
Or get creative withcalculationsand customise the ticket template to ‘hide’ the calculations relating.
In that case to actively might need 2 calculations one to reduce the total by 5% from the sales and a second to add it back on to go to their commission account.