Update fixed amount discount when item is removed?

Is there a simple setting for this or do I need to add an action to a rule with order canceled/voided? Either than or remove it all together when orders or added or canceled.

try a ticket changed rule with constraints of:


add an action to remove the calculation

so now when you remove all orders when ticket total gets to zero and there are no orders on the ticket it will remove the calculation (may need to add a refresh ticket action at the end of the rule)

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Yeah I knew I could force it with a rule, but I figured there might be something built in to update the calculation when items are removed. I even modified it to be Rate based on ticket total, the rate doesn’t update. Unless custom calculation does it.

This works if I don’t care about Gift or Void.

Checkout my discounts system, sure I posted on forum.
What your doing isn’t that straight forward, there are several thinks you need to catch to make sure fixed discount is shown corectly all the time.
You will find that refresh will un autoselect order if you use autoselect.
From memory ticket total changed is primary, trigger, then there is a trick with counting selected orders as to whether to refresh ticket.
My fixed discounts are actually a % of food and drink, 10% drink 20% food.
What I did was make a generic update calculations flow, execute update actions where needed.
Then base what calculations are updated based on a ticket state as have different rates for locals, staff etc.
The addition of the ticket state allows for many deals to be setup with option to either use a general calculation state preventing discount combinations or seperate ones to allow more granular discounts where they don’t overlap on specific products etc.

It’s a little complicated at glance but has worked well for many years now with calculations using custom math and report expressions.

You have to automate it’s removal.

You can experiment with a calculation selector and no header. When you make one with no header it will behave as auto.

Not really what you want I know.

Thats all I really needed to know. Thanks.

Can you elaborate on that?

Yes create a calculation selector and leave header blank. It will auto add or remove calculation.