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I have one tablet and one server. The tablet doesn’t update with new information. New menu items or table numbers don’t show on the tablet despite updating. I’ve tried rebooting the server and the tablet without success, any thoughts most welcome.

Check your settings on the tablet for message server. If you are using a name connection ( like http://desktop5fyt/ ) change it to the relevant IP address instead ( i.e. )

Have a double check through the kb article to make sure everything is set up correctly 2.2.2. What is SambaPOS Messaging Server? How to Install? – SambaPOS Knowledgebase

Double check your firewall settings are correct and that no anti virus software is blocking the updates.
Also make sure both network connections are the same type i.e. home / public / workplace

If not updating after restart are you sure tablet is actually looking to db on server and not running its own one locally?
You havnt provided much info to be able to give much direction.

Thanks Joe. I’ll work through the possibilities that you and the Krypton Factor recommend.

Thanks Krypton Factor. I’ll work through the possibilities that you and Joe recommend.

The problem was a fault on the tablet. I have received a replacement; how do I move the licence to the new tablet?

There’s nothing in the manual about moving, only installing. I have installed but it is only a demo, is the PIN and password on the server somewhere? Almost there. I hope!

What licence?
Is it windows tablet with full samba or android with app?
If windows with full samba you need to connect it to main DB and licence is for database.

Thanks for replying Joe, I appreciate it.
I have the paid version on a PC and an Android tablet (when it works) for my waitress to take customers’ orders. When I bought the app for tablet, I recall it was for only one tablet, hence my question about transferring the app to another tablet. I guess I need advice on how to connect the tablet app to the database. Have Samba’s rules changed? Can I have more than one tablet connected now?
Does that help?

Hello @chef,

When you apply the steps of related document for your new tablet, it should be connected successfully.


In case you still encounter the issue, then please send your Anydesk ID via PM, so we can connect to your system and help you to resolve the issue.

Wow! Thanks Nizam, you’re very kind…

I have updated my server and my mobile following the instructions at Update on tablet - #10 by Nizam so that I can use it tomorrow for our Spring Fair. I may have cocked it up as I can’t get into Sambapos on the server or on the mobile with any of my passwords and the Sambapos site says nothing is activated. Any bright ideas would be much appreciated.

Get an pro IT person to assist you with the finer details of the setup!

There aren’t many around here, sadly. Lots of wheat and cows though.

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Is there a default password so that I can get to the market screen and activate?