Update Order setting price to 0 (Refunds Config)

I have been trying to improve my refund setup but I am having issue automating the final step.
Basically I clone the items to be refunded and and then when I click on refund It updates all order prices to (PRICE}*-1.
EDIT: Apologies for the lag in the .gif’s only noticed this now, don’t know what caused this.

I am trying to automate the clicking of the refund button but when I do it just changes the price to 0 or - as seen here. I first tried using execute automation command action with and without a delay to fire the refund rule… In the example below the EAC action fires a rule with an ask question which then executes the refund rule. Again the result is prices changing to euro.

If I only select 1 item the Execute automation command does work.

Can anyone advise as the how I can emulate physically clicking the button through automation?
Here is my two rules

And this is the action that is causing the issue