Update Order State parameters

I’m working on documentation for States, and I’m trying to figure out the Update Order State action, but I’m a little confused as to what all the parameters mean.

(used @Jesse’s picture here to show the parameters)

  • State Name: I suppose this is the state group for the state you want to set? (as in ‘Group code’ when you define a State in the Management screen)
    If so, then I guess this would better be called ‘State Group’, as it’s not the name of the state??
  • Group Order: The order this State group will be sorted in on bills?
  • Current State: What does this mean?
  • State: I suppose this is the name of the State you want the order to be in?
  • State Order: The order that the state we’re setting will be shown in on the bill?
  • State Value: What is this?
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State Name is Group Code
Group Order is Order it shows on ticket
Current State is Current State so it will look for that state as a check.
State - State your modifying
State Order - order it shows on bill
State Value - Sub Value of a State. Example… GStatus uses Status with Values as the actual state it enters.

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Thanks for clearing that up @Jesse.

I don’t really understand this though:

Can you give me an example of this?

Look at void button it updates GStatus using a value of Status

Maybe I’m explaining it badly. That is a tough feature to explain.

The whole States part of SambaPOS seems like a tough feature to understand to me, that’s why I thought I might try to figure this all out and document it :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what’s happening with the void rule:.

It seems like the Void button updates the GStatus group’s Void state of the order to the value of the button? When does this value get set?
Or is that not what [:Value] means in the rule?

Is it like a sort of ‘tag’ for the state?

Yes. For Void case we use it to store void reason.

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Thanks @emre, I understand now.

Just found the tutorial explaining this:

So I guess the [:value] set in the Value parameter of Update Order Gift State is a shortcut for ‘Command Value’ in the rule…

Update Order Gift State action’s Value parameter should be linked to [:CommandValue]. That was a bug coming from early V4 releases. I think that confused you.


I see, so the rule won’t work unless I change [:value] to [:CommandValue] ?
EDIT: Yes, as discussed in the tutorial I just linked to :slight_smile:

Now that we’re at it, I would also like to understand these parameters for Update Ticket State:

  • State Value: I suppose this is the same as in Update Order State? A tag or note for the state? Any specific case this is used for?
  • Quantity exp: what does this mean?

Quantity Exp is useful to store incremental values. For example configuring it as +1 will increase state quantity by 1 on each call.

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