Update order tags after payment

I know this is going to be a niche request, but I use order tags to assign employee commission for sales of each order. Sometimes it’s not always clear who sold an item, for example the operator may just assume that someone walked in to buy something and didn’t realise the reason they came in was because another member of staff had been talking about the item on email or even on the street previously.

In this scenario, we need to locate the ticket and then change the order tag relating to the commission. This can be locked behind an admin pin and could be logged. Crucially, changing the employee commission value does not change the sale price, or any accounting enties or any inventory values.

I can already use an Update Order action to change the order tags after an item has been submitted (but not paid), however the same action doesn’t seem to save the order tag if the ticket has been paid. Any ideas how I could achieve this?

I am curious to know how it is that you are using Update Order Action to change Order Tags, because I don’t see any parameter in the Action that would allow for that.

Sorry, you are right, it is the Tag Order action.

I have figured most of this out now - by using the dreaded “re-open settled ticket” action I can then save the changes to the tags.

This works great if I then set the commission tags using an action, but it would be more convenient to allow the user to use the standard ticket tagging interface to make the changes. Howver… I would like to ensure they can only change the commission tag and not other tags (such as discount or extras).

I was thinking, I could re-open the ticket and set the TicketState to “reopened” (or something similar). How could I intervene in the standard ticket tagging procedures to include some addional conditional logic, something like:

Does this make sense?