Update Price List Prices after selection

Rather than continue on a thread that has no relevance to what I wanted ive started a new one.

Ive searched and haven’t been able to come across the solution, I noticed that @JTRTech did give the same scenario, however the solution wasn’t said (unless I missed it?)

Customer orders drinks, customer then gives loyalty card for alternate price list, card is swiped… prices aren’t updated. New drinks added to order have new discount.

Ive tried the Update Order action, Update Ticket action, but still cant work it out?


Did you see this tutorial?

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Yeah, and its all set up within my POS… however, If I create a button called Update Prices and press it… it updates ALL of the prices, which is what I want.

If I set the AMC to execute within a rule, it doesn’t. I thought maybe its because I have the actions in the wrong order, but they aren’t. Ill post screenshots of the layout:

I did :stuck_out_tongue: I used Select Orders action :wink:


Hmm ok I’ll give that a whirl.

Is there anything there missing I’d need to add?

It wont be exactly the same as the command triggering that uses a script to filter out swipes if its the current users own discount card and some other bits but the command value is the price list but you can change it to use entity data or whatever.

Ok, so I used a ask question… and it actually works, however it seems to work for everyone on that entity type.

I’m trying to do it so itll only allow level 1

Here is a screen of it:

I also tried to do

[=TN(’{ENTITY DATA:SquareCard Customer Card:VIP Level}’)]=1

in the action constraints, but it still wont trigger.

If I put no constraints it all works fine, but for the wrong VIP levels (obviously)

Any idea on where I’m going wrong with the constraints?

ok digging more, ive found the correct constraint type… just doesn’t seem to work:

[=TN('{ENTITY DATA:SquareCard Customer Card:VIP Level}')] == [=TN('1')]
[=TN('{ENTITY DATA:SquareCard Customer Card:VIP Level}')] == 1

either don’t work as action constraints even though the VIP Level does infact EQUAL 1


Data:{ENTITY DATA:SquareCard Customer Card:VIP}

to a message box, and it shows a blank? This HAS to be where my problem lies?

edit: changed the field name to VIP just incase it was a space causing an issue

Entity selected is wrong event. try Ticket entity changed


ill try it, but there is still no return from the data box anyway…

If I remove the constraints, the whole thing works sweet… apart from it uses every single SquareCard Customer Card… whereas I only want it to be ones with VIP Level 1.

Anyway, as you said it, ill give it a go…

I love you kendash ending this with extra words

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