Update table status with ticket status

how can i display ticket status on a table for example we know the colors change accordingly to the ticket status
may be some body asked that question before i m not sure if used the correct search string or is it available on v4 or do i need to upgrade to v5

Formatting the entity grid buttons with more that colour if that’s what you mean is a v5 feature.

what i meant is to have the ticket status ready on the table screen

Need more info on your setup.

Default entity screen displays entity state New Orders, Bill Requested and Available if I remember all correctly.

These entity states are defined in actions in several of the default rules mainly in around ticket closing in the flow.

You need to give more info as to what your setup is at the minute and exactly what your looking to do.

In V4 entity screen can only be formatted using colours from a single entity state.
In V5 although there can only be one default state for colour you can opt to use formatting specific for the state and set info on the entity grid like other entity states and ticket count/total etc.

Its hard to determine exactly what your wanting to do from the info you have given.