Update Ticket Calculator

@emre I was able to get my Fast Cash button to work with Ticket Calculation Type and payment processor. It works like a charm and now when I click no on confirmation it allows transaction to go through and show change. That part is working fine. I have one small issue, if I refund that transaction it keeps that calculation in the total… I would not refund a tip unless customer satisfaction required it.

My question is if I set it to Update Ticket Calculation to take the calculation off it will record the refund correctly but it also takes the Tip out of my accounting so no way to track it.

Can you add some sort of option that I could disable the calculation from affecting total due on ticket when ticket is reopened? Maybe something I can use an Ask Question action to Keep Calculation or Refund Calculation.

Does that make sense? It may not be possible I am not sure. But if its not possible I will attempt some sort of work around.

A calculation that does not update ticket total but updates accounts… umm that does not sounds like a appropriate solution.

I probably worded it wrong. I will give you a more clear description in a few moments. Im sorry the solution may already be present I will play with Update calculation some more.