Update ticket (order) which was posted via GraphQL

We post to Samba items from external system via GraphQL and after we need remove some items from ticket. Items is mark as new, not submited, not send to kitchen. We are able add, change size, mark as gift, but not cancel items. Is possible somehow unblock (unlock) order to cancel item from Sambapos application.

  1. Add ticket

  2. Update table to see new order in POS

  3. Refresh screen

  4. Table is active, inside is new ticket (order).

  5. Modify ticket (add more items, mark as gift, change size…)

Instead of using add ticket you should create a terminal first and use the gql to manipulate terminal ticket. With add ticket you can’t cancel an order.

Add ticket forces it to write ticket to database. Orders can’t be canceled once ticket is submitted and created in db. Terminal tickets are just like having a virtual terminal and they are not submitted to database until you tell it too.