Update to V5 for DISCOUNT - Any Item - Ask Fixed Percent

Hi @QMcKay
With reference to your Tutorial:

Kendash mentioned that:

Would it be possible to maybe have a look at a V5 update :kissing_heart: I wish I had the skills to rebuild it for you but time is against me. Don’t feel happy about asking especially if it takes away your quality time "having a beer with your mates down the beach :blush:

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Start by creating a new order tag group.

Configure Tags.

Configure Mapping.

Click on an order and choose a discount.

Now you can use tricks from other tutorials to improve it for your needs.

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How Cancel This Discount?
And How to add Discount after Submitted Order?

To cancel the discount using order tags you would just deselect the order tag.
As for after submitted… don’t think you can alter order tags after submitted - not on default state workflow anyway.

So, there is simple way to give discount after submitted order?
Can we at admin pin to Discount Bill at payment screen?

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I’ve added a tutorial here.

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Does this work on the latest version V5, I want to add 5% discount to the total balance not just individual items. It’s a member discount. Cheers Thomaxs