Updating Custom Fields with Automation Command button


I would like to create an automation command button called Driver Instructions. I have setup my custom fields like:

I want this button to allow me type any instructions just like ticket note button. But the only difference is that i want the data to remain associated with the customer i am taking the order for. I want this data to be saved into Driver Instruction custom field so it remains in the database.

The next time this customer makes an order it must display the most recent text under customer details field just like the image below.

Is this possible to do this sambapos or is their a similar way i can store and display the data ?

Look at your actions available specifically with entities and update entity etc.

Ok I have made some rules and actions :

If i click the driver instructions button it first displays the ticket note screen as below. I want to take the value i type into the note section and save it into the driver instructions field.

How can i take this value and put it into DriverVariable that is defined above.

Any help will highly appreciated.

Instead of [:DriverVariable] use [?Driver Note] in the rule.