Updating Entity Notes

I want to have the possibility to add a Customer (Entity) Note on Delivery Ticket Screen, means that when a customer is selected I can add a note by the button on left side (pretty same function as Ticket note but concerning Customer entity).
I created an automation and manage to get the button visible but get stuck… tried to use Update Entity Note action in vain.
Help appreciated.

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I guessing you are going to want to use a prompt to be able to edit the notes field. You can accomplish this by using [?Note;;;;] in the notes field of the action. “Note” can be any text you want to appear before the edit text field of the popup.

Here is a link to better explain the prompt notation:

You should be able to view the note you typed in thru Manage->Entities->Entities-> in the notes tab.

You may have to use a Load Entity action before the Update Entity Note action.

If that does not work, post some screen shots of your action(s) and rule(s).

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Thanks for your quick reply…I am new to Samba integration so I will do my slow stepping.
I understood the prompt use but Automatisation → Actions > Rules are no yet very clear. Is there some brief manual about ?

I will come back with my results ,screenshots.etc

Kb.SambaPOS.com is the best resource.

Thanks for sharing, Very helpful for me.