Updating inventory with correct levels?

Hey Everyone,

I have a had a quick look around and i cant seem to find any reference to updating the inventory levels with the actual inventory amounts.

As an example:

Say i purchase a loaf of bread with 16 slices. I sell items that decrease the 16 slices to 10 slices. My inventory report will show that i have 10 slices left. When i check my actual bread count, i only have 2 slices.

What is the correct method to correct the inventory status to 2 slices?

Additionally, how can i ensure that this doesnt mess with my cost. It wouldn’t be enough for me to just reduce my stock level to 2 slices because this may reduce my cost by 4 slices when in actual fact i paid for those lost 4 slices.

I was thinking something a long the lines of creating a losses warehouse and then creating a transaction with source being local and target being losses.

Thought i might ask and get a few pointers first.


Manage > Inventory > End of Day Records > [choose the latest day]

The column for Current Inventory is there for you to make adjustments.

I am not clear about how Cost is calculated in this regard - I think it may be averaged, but this is mainly due to Supplier price changes.

Creating a Transaction (and Document) to fill a Loss Warehouse sounds like a decent idea, IMO, but I haven’t used this approach myself.

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I just went over it, it seems like the cost is averaged over the items sold -Which makes sense.

As an example for anyone else:

Lets say i create a transaction for 2 cartons of beer, each with 24 beers with a unit cost price of $1.87 each.

I go on to sell 2 beers, bringing my cost for the day to $3.74 (this becomes itemised as Beer, Qty -2, Cost $3.74).

After you end the work period (as QMcKay mentioned) go to Manage > Inventory > End of Day Records > [choose the latest day]. Update the “Current Inventory” field to your current inventory. Save and head back to the reports (in my instance 6 beers went missing).

Now the current average cost for 2 beers has increased to $7.51 total of $15.02 ( $1.87 * 8 = $14.96). I believe there is some rounding with the numbers that caters for the discrepancy of $0.08.

**It would be nice if there was some way to report on the losses. Maybe a report on inventory prediction vs current inventory. Anyone know where this might be kept in SQL?

The table named [PeriodicConsumptionItems] holds this information.

With custom reports and some math magic you could probably get the losses pretty close to accurate. Its something I may attempt myself in future.

So forgive me for thinking out loud but we have:

UnitMultiplier InStock Added Removed Consumption PhysicalInventory
24.00 0.000 2.000 0.000 0.083 1.667

Difference = 1.667-(2-0.083) = -0.25
Units missing = Unit Multiplier * Difference = 24*-0.25 = -6 Units

Have i missed anything? or oversimplified things?

I could get the base unit and name of inventory item from the InventoryItems table and potentially generate a report.

I know how to do something like this in say PHP with mySQL but is there some way to do this so that a report will display in the reports panel of sambaPOS?

You can use custom reports module from samba market and SQL queries. Look up custom reports there is a ton of samples and tutorials. @gerlandog made several samples that deal with inventory.

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