Updating stock level in Warehouse


We are using Samba POS for our bookshop, so many of the detailed features are not used.
I am trying to create products and when purchased the level should decrease from the Local Warehouse.
We only sell books by piece. No sub components. I tried following the tutorials that used soda cans as examples but to no avail.
As of now for every book we:

  • Create new product in product list
  • Create new inventory item with the same name (do we really need to do both? if I only add product then I can’t create purchase transactions to the local warehouse).
  • Make purchase transaction with the amount of stock we have

All books are part of a single category that is displayed in the menu
When going to POS and scanning the barcode with a successful purchase, the warehouse amount does not change.

I tried making it as fast menu, I tried adding rules to update order when added to ticket
I tried following bits of tutorials that I thought relevant from:
I tried creating a recipe

I hope someone can provide me with the workflow needed to add a new book and observe change in stock in the warehouse when sold.
And do I need to create an inventory item, a product, and a recipe for every single book?

I would really appreciate your assistance. Let me know if further details are required.

It’s really depending on your accounting and reporting needs as to how you would go about stock keeping. If you intend to track/report all the way down to the title of a book then yes, each book would need a product/menu, inventory item, and recipe. There are so many ways you can go about this. You are only limited to what you can learn in these pages (forum).

I would imagine you would create products for each book and add them to their respective menus. Instead of creating an inventory item and recipe for each individual book you could group them together into Fiction, Non-Fiction, Kids, ect ect to track inventory that way. With some custom reporting it could work quite nicely.

You could go the long route and create a product, inventory item, and recipe all linked for each book and that would give you the most detailed (and out of the box) reporting through existing reports.

If you broke down your needs a little further I bet you’d have more feedback. Hopefully I didn’t muddy your head even more. It seems like a lot now but once you get the hang of Samba there really isn’t anything you CAN’T do.

Thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes it is very important for us to have reports of sales per book.
Our main reports should be:

  • Sales per book
  • Sales per genre
  • How many books left from each title (stock)
  • Total Sales per period of time
  • Total profit per period of time

It seems as a lot of work to add an inventory item, a product, a recipe and include it in the menu list.
I assume after doing so, whenever someone purchases a book, the book purchased is actually a recipe and that recipe includes the book as an inventory item which will be subtracted from the warehouse. Where does the product fall in this workflow?