Uploading Entiy Data online for use witha website

Is this possible, I have a website with a PHP Script which does caluclations with the Entity Data, aka a series of nnumbers which the POS calculates based on orders.

Yes it is possible.

Connect to the SQL DB using PHP, run queries, do calculations.


Export data from the SQL DB into whatever format you want, upload it to website, process it with PHP.


Hey, Im a bit confused, the SQL DB is locally hosted right on my register. How can I connect to the DB? BTW I cant even find the local database files.

What I was thinking was having an action to export all the member data after a ticket is processed to a file folder, and have a java program actively montioring chanages in this folder and sync it online.

PHP SQLSRV Extension, or ODBC. If attaching remotely, you need to configure SQL Express to allow remote connections and open ports in your Firewall.

Depends if you are using SQL Express or SQL Local DB, but you are looking for MDF/LDF files. SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) will allow you to see the properties of the database and reveal where the files are located. But that does not really help in your quest, since you need the DBMS Engine to read the files anyway.

Search for Data Exports feature - it uses Report Tags to export to different data formats including CSV, XML, YAML, etc… This is the most detailed discussion I could find…