Urgent need help with SambaPOS Go Tablet

Dear all team,
it just my first time to install SambaPOS Go Tablet, but i stuck in this process Registering the Device That SambaPOS GO Tablet following steps: https://kb.sambapos.com/en/8-7-sambapos-go-tablet-setup/
It said Network error! Please insure your setting correct.
Please give some idea. how to solve? Thanks!


Hello @Sunday_Thuok,

If you can share your Anydesk Remote Connection Program Id with me via PM, I can check it out.

Hello @Nizam,
Thanks for fast support. can i send you by tomorrow because i already leave work there.

@Sunday_Thuok, Surely you can, no worries.

Are you trying to run the demo? Or are you trying to connect it to your own server? Message server is installed and configured and the application was defined and user created as per instructions?

You dont have a firewall interfering?

Well I am not try demo, I installed for customer in the real server. I might miss message server.
I will check it again. Thanks

This is my any desk id: 675 870 731
Please help me on this!

Hello @Sunday_Thuok, Please accept the request.

Hello @Nizam, Thank you for help a moment.
when i order from my tablet why it does not printer to kitchen printer.
but when take order from computer it can printer well?
Any sitting i missing?

Hello @Nizam,
Can you remote to my pc again by tomorrow to fix SambaPOS go tablet,
Because when I add 2 more license (SambaPOS go tablet). It did not working.

Hello @Sunday_Thuok,

In case you add new GO Tablet licenses into your cp.sambapos.com account, you are supposed to Login https://toffice.sambapos.com/login website so that your new licenses will be registered. I’ve sent you an email as well, check your inbox please.