URGENT PLEASE HELP Restore Database SQ to another restaurant

Hello, Im opening a second restaurant, a few hours to open!!, so I bought another license for the new restaurant, I didnt installed SQL SERVER EXPRESS 2014 in this second restaurant, but I have installed that one in the old restaurant. So I installed Samba with Local DB 2014 option, then I restored a backup from the first restaurant, it worked very well and now I have my server working, but, how to connect clients to it??? do I have to instal sql server express 2014? and if yes, how do I export the database to sql server express 2014? please help!!!

Yes i think you need to install full SQL i think local only works for one terminal you cant connect others

Search the forum for SQL there is lots of info and a detailed tutorial to upgrading your database

Did you searched forum? I think you need sql server installed to connect clients.

Yes Im still exploring the forum, now I installed sql server express 2014, now what do I have to do? a restoration of the db in mssms?

So Im trying to import the database backup into sql server, but im having the same issue in this link:

By the way, I have the .bak file into c:\dbbckp folder, the ,mdf file its into C:\Users\SERVER folder, any ideas?

If you are having permissions issues rstore from a different folder.
Users folders often quite tight on security.
Try from root of C drive.
Failing that you would want to add SQL permissions to the folder containing the backup.
Adding permission for NT Service\MSSQL$INSTANCE_NAME
Obviously changing INSTANCE_NAME to your SQL instance name.

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Thanks everyone, the problem was solved by checking the box rellocate database to Program Files/Sql Server