Urgent *SAmba POS v4 not sending printing instruction to thermal printer *

I had innstalll SambaPOS with generic 58 mm thermal printer. All setting done as per tutorial but no printing action happen. It seems like Samba not sending printing instruction (Printer wokring fine in windows printing test). To test this theory I set dummy printer but it also not working.Need urgent help from all expert for this issue as my all work stuck now and have to shift some other option if it not resolved.

Hi ive changed topic to a question as it isnt an issue with Samba its a configuration issue youre having. To help we need more information, have you just downloaded samba or have you been using it a while, if just downloaded youll need to create printer templates and map them to a printer action and put that inside a rule to make it work

If you have been using samba a while and printing was working but has now stopped you have changed a setting somewhere, you need to show us screenshots of your actions and rules to see how your system is setup


Hi I started to use it few days ago. You may be right that its configuration issue.
I have following setup in samba

Name - Invoice printer
Printer share naem - POS58 (As appearing in drop down menu)
Printer type - Ticket printer
Character type - 52
RTL support - None
Line count - 0
Line character count - 42

Printer Job - Print bill

Ticket Templete - Default

Automation action/rules/command - as per print tutorial

Mappings - * * Ticket printer Ticket template

Printer type -USB Thermal printer

Other than this setting also tried for dummy printer as guided in tutorial.

Pls suggested where is loophole in my configuration.

Can you post actual acreenshots of the rules, actions and print job please so we can see them :slight_smile:

Following setting was done for print command

In your print job setup you have the printer template as “Ticket Template”

But you have shown a screenshot of the “customer receipt template”. If you want that template to print when you press print bill you need to edit the print job “print bill” and change the template from ticket template to customer receipt template

Also in your execute bill print action you need to tell it to print. Theres a drop down box under pront job name called “Print Ticket” set this to yes or true, whatever the value is in the options

Thanks for your suggestion RickH

Changes done

But situation is same no print command to printer.

You had the right template there it should be Ticket Template. The Customer one by default is meant for a customer account. You are pressing the Print Bill button and nothing happens? The printer what is it named in Windows? Is it a local printer or shared?

Printer name is POS58

It’s local printer attached by USB port of laptop.

And its printing fine if you press print from like internet explorer?

Yes It printing fine in printer test as well from word file

So you ring up a ticket and your pressing Print Bill button and it locks ticket but does not print correct?

What kind of printer is it?

Yes exactly… :flushed:

Its generic POS thermal printer

Have you tried using it as an HTML printer?

not yet as it’s POS printer

If its POS58 (small Chinese 57mm printer) its similar to mine and should be OK?
It wouldnt be the terminal settings (where you choose report and transaction printer) would it?
I was stumped for an hour once as couldn’t get report to print and turned out I hadn’t set it on the terminal settings page and assigned a terminal in local settings.
That was reports but there is the transaction printer field there also.

We are trying to get it to print orders not reports that is different. It probably has to do with Printer Type.

Yes It is chinese 57 mm printer. But I not understand what you are telling ?