Urgent Samba v3 issues

I have posted this topic in the forum but I just noticed the adds section so I d gladly pay for someone to fix this issues!

Hello. Sorry for the wrong category but there was not a v3 one… I am using Samba v3 and I believe is an awesome software and thank you for this. I do realise that this is an old version and perhaps it is not supported but I do like how it looks so I ll stick to that. I do have some issues I am trying to resolve though. If anyone already faced these issues and can help please do. So here it goes…

  1. I need a Work Period Unique Id since it is asked from my Accountants. I know there is a number generator function but I dont know how to use it. I ve search the forums on v4 also but I couldnt find any help on this.
  2. Open and alter a closed-settled ticket Or even a properly functioning refund button. Again I tried this following a couple of tutorials but it is not properly recording the account amounts.
    3)We have an order that has for example 5xHeineken beers (as it is recorded on the ticket screen) and 1 Pizza.
    When I want to move - split the order I select 2 of the Beers using the (-) or (+) buttons and the pizza but when I press move button it moves just the beers not the pizza. So I have to select the same table again. Merge the tickets. And then select the separated 2 beers and the pizza.

Please if anyone is able to help with these I ll be grateful. Thank you in advance.

There isnt any support for V3 here im afraid and most people have never used it so wont be able to help much. This forum is for V4 and V5 only

For all V3 support you need to visit sambapos.org


I really want to help but I only used V3 for a total of 10 minutes before switching to v4 so I have virtually zero experience with it. I do know its very different, even some action use and rule construct has differences.

I can say though that unique WP ID may be hard to acheive with v3.

The merge issue may require you to change source code but I am not sure.

As far as the reopen ticket issue you would need to explain more about it like how you set it up and maybe show examples of whats not working and show how you need it to work.

Keep in mind that we may not know the differences with v3 so you might have to explain more than usual.

Well the thing is that I cannot actually any longer register in v3 forum and ask for help…it throws me an error…so…if you know anyone that is available to fix this issues for me and get paid I d be happy to proceed with that option. I dont have time to setup another version of samba right now unfortunetely.

As long as you are running Windows 7 or above, you can just install SambaPOS V4 or V5 and upgrade. It should be relatively straightforward process. Of course, make sure you backup the database beforehand.

(If you are still using Windows XP, unfortunately V3 is the only version supported, as V4 and V5 both need require Windows 7 or above. But you really should upgrade from Windows XP anyway because it no longer receives security fixes from Microsoft since a couple years ago)

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Do you know exactly why the accountant wants this? I can’t imagine for accounting what would be the purpose for a unique ID for a work period, since your accountant would most likely not care about work periods and more so about daily / weekly / monthly sales. Might be a good start to just ask exactly what the accountant needs this for because you may find the reason is easier to solve and they really don’t need the unique ID.

Failing that, I believe each work period does have a unique ID stored in the database, however the only way to get that to show on a report would be to use the Custom Reports feature, which is only available in either V4 with the paid Custom Reports module add on, or V5.

The re-open settled ticket feature (which is also needed for the associated refund features) was added in V4.1.38 (according to screenshots) - you need the “More Ticket Actions” module installed to do it which is only available in V4. I believe you are referring to this tutorial which is for V4 and above only:

In V3, the only refund feature I have used is a simple refund via the Cash account. It isn’t linked to any ticket and just lets you refund directly from your cash account. It was a long time ago I dealt with that but I believe it was quite easy to setup.

I also found on the forum this tutorial, some asked about V3 and Emre said it should work but not tested. From my V3 experience in the past it looks likely it will work. But again you lost any link to the original ticket where the refund is from.

If you want paid support, this is something I can do, my company provides professional services for SambaPOS and we have worked with V3 in the past and still support some clients using it. However I would suggest you look over those comments I made above first because really I would recommend you upgrade to V5 or at least V4 as that should resolve most of your issues.

If you want paid support you can send me a PM.