URGENT!v5...Check Database Version

Hey all,

I’ve already followed steps listed elsewhere (uninstall/reinstall a few times) to no avail…

We just put a server in, along with SQL Standard, as we are expanding and need to support multiple devices…all went very well, until I changed the NIC port on the server…now when I uninstall/reinstall, I continue to get our logo and a ‘Check Database Version, Database 124 App 123’ message. It seems almost as if there is persistent cached data that doesn’t clear…help please!!

Installation should upgrade the DB to the latest version for that install file.

Basically, you have an Application / DB version conflict. Ensure you are installing the latest version of SambaPOS on all terminals.

P.S. you do not need to uninstall SamabPOS. Just Re-install over top.


Boy, I feel like a dummy! The install I was using was 5157, not 5158…duh! Thanks!!! :slight_smile: