URGENT ! Your license server at https://cp.sambapos.com/ is down!

Tablets (Android Client) showing Connection Error
The license server on your side is down. I Have been complaining about the stupid method your tablets check licenses each time and order is placed and now all tablets are down bringing my operation to a stand still.

All is fine with Firewall and Message Server and Network and we have internet
Some reason the connection errors and https://cp.sambapos.com/ is down!!!
I cannot reset licenses.

Ok we will control this. Thanks for reporting.

My restaurant is sitting full, please I cannot capture orders electronically and print orders to kitchen, please make sure this is fixed ASAP!

Ok Ok, it will be online in a few minutes

Hello @adriaanrosecottage,

There was a maintenance on the servers, now they are all back.

Thank you.
Can you guys see now why license checks must be improved? My business comes to a total shutdown when your licenses don’t work.

Anyways, thanks for the amazingly quick response