US Credit Card Intergration - Bar Tabs

Does the US Credit Card integration support bar tabs?

If so, does it work across multiple terminals? Meaning, if we started a bar tab at one terminal, can we add items to and finalize the bar tab at another terminal?


Intrigued how that works… cant store the card details go guessing it must be preauth/token scenario.

Either way there is very little in samba that is local to any one terminal. The tab is going to be an entity or tagged ticket which will be available in all terminals.

We can support that with SambaPOS. But are you asking about preauths? Where someone swiped card it puts a $50 pre auth and then at end of tab it puts final amount and closes sale?

We do not not have that feature yet. However we may add it in the future. But we can do tabs with SambaPOS it just won’t have a pre-authorization.

Yea, preauthorization. I know some bars do that, I didn’t know if the credit card integration had that.

I did build a bar tab into our setup, but have never used it because our current countertop credit card terminals we have now are in 2 different locations (inside the same building). And they are not linked together. If we did a pre-auth, on one terminal we would have to complete it at the same terminal.

Since we are an entertainment place, most people don’t think (or should I say forget) about settling up with a bill before leaving. Unlike a typical restaurant which most people automatically assume to settle up before leaving.

One other question, some places have where if a customer pays with a debit card, it will ask the customer for cash back. Is that something that is available?

If preauth was an option it probably would be terminal specific from understanding of how it works (at least here in uk). Normal tabs would be available on all tills and normal process with intergration would just push to the pdq set for that till.

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It’s not terminal specific. We use pre auth for tip adjust but tabs is a different thing. We would have to build something on Sambapos side for it. Yes we can do it. But no we have not built it into Sambapos yet.

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Thanks Jesse, good to know. Thanks for info.

@Bob_be I will add this to the Redmine as a feature request. They will look at it as we progress with other projects. We have a tight roadmap so I wouldn’t expect it to happen soon unless demand for it really shifts.

If you are interested in the integrated payments please give me a pm or email me