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Good Afternoon,

Has anybody got any experience with this Star Tech device? I have spoken to Star Tech but they don’t seem to want to give me any guarantees that it will work.
It does support caller ID but I could not get the guy to confirm if it works with a BT UK line.

If you’re trying to use it for Caller ID, most generic “56K V9.2/V9.0” modems work provided you choose “Generic Modem” for Devices in SambaPOS.

I’m personally using this modem:


Thank you very much.

This is true for many countries but not for the UK.

In the UK, if you use BT (or any companies using BT lines - i.e. pretty much all except Virgin Media), they use a different Caller ID standard. Therefore most generic modems do not support it.

I have used the following Zoom modem many times and it works on BT landlines, I suggest you purchase this one (its also cheaper):

If you want to try the StarTech one, it is cheaper on Amazon also (and if it doesn’t work, you can easily return for free). It also looks identical to the Zoom one so wouldn’t be surprised if they are identical internally with just a different logo on them.


Is that Zoom device compatible with WIndows 10?

Yes, we use on Win 10 64bit all the time.

You do however need to use the Zoom drivers to get caller ID to work - the ones windows uses when you plug it in will not work with caller ID in UK