Use a fiscal printer

Hi I would like to know if sambapos allows connection to fiscal printers, with, for example, Xon Xoff.
This is possible?

thanks for the reply but, still not clear to me. How do I connect a fiscal printer? I use to force third-party drivers? I would use sambapos in Italy. I do not know if you already have knowledge about

hello gioalba, that model of printer you use?

The model of the printer is Custom KUBE II

If I’m not mistaken the kube works with xon-xoff.
you can not create a text file to be sent to the printer.
Do not have the ability to replace the printer?

Hi You can use it with preinstalled software, using virtual com port

Thanks, I try and I’ll know

Hi @gioalba - please excuse my ignorance but saw your post and was curious about these printers.
Have looked them up on Wikipedia and if I understand some countries require the printer to log sales info on a secure memory.
Have I understood that correctly?
UK does not require this so haven’t heard of this before - sounds like a PITA to me.
Hope you get it working.

it is just so. I’m italian. In my country must work by sending commands to the printer. you can not write a ticket, it must, practically making the printer. also have memories safe exhausted. are also charged. all business.

So are you able to format the tickets or does it come out as pre programed format?

you can not send data directly to the com port.
you should create a text file that is loaded by a driver to the printer.
with olive groves, DITRON, DATAPROCESS you can!

Thats not right. You can send ticket irectly to com port, but you must you down register in hex code, thats very hard. But you can use Java, creating a template for you printer and then you can make an automatisation button to execute js file created by template.

each cash register has its own language, the only way to print something is send a text file to a driver that will be converted and sent to print.

in Kenya we have the same issue i use the Electronic Signature Device (ESD) to achieve that purpose.
I am trying to use the fiscal printer ACLAS model to be specific.

My advice is try the ESD though its expensive. It is ideal if you have multiple selling (cashing) Points.